Business Oriented & Enabling People To Perform

"I have worked with Marlene at NNIT, where she delivered great HR services to the whole organisation. I consider Marlene to be a business oriented HR professional and excellent at communicating with all levels in the organisation. She possess strong skills within coaching and development and is very committed and possess a true passion for enabling people and groups to perform their best!"

Torben Skriver Frandsen former CEO of NNIT now board member


Personal & Professional Strengths

"I worked with Marlene on a 1:1 basis to gain coaching insights on my Personal & Professional strengths. She has deep insight & knowledge about this & was able to identify many ways that I could use my profile to be more effective. I would recommend her to anyone with a genuine interest in developing their personal effectiveness through a deeper understanding of their Strength profile."

Michael Harris, Professional Trainer & Coach, Founder T4T-time4training


Strength Based Leadership

"There is no doubt that Marlene is passionate in her role as HR Professional. As a leader working together with Marlene, her passion creates a partner like relationship that is professional, relevant and very inspirational. As a fact, I can actually say that Marlene has highly influenced the way I lead people today based on past experience where she introduced me to strength based leadership, talent development programs and enhanced coaching skills. My relationship with Marlene has remained intact since we both left NNIT, and I’m very happy to have Marlene in my professional network today."

Thomas Saks, Business Owner, Saks Media & Consulting 


Impressive Results, Corporate Programs

“I have seen Marlene in action many times. Her dedication and enthusiasm is amazing. She focuses on individual needs but always respecting the business requirements. I had the pleasure to work with her at NNIT for several years. She built our Senior Specialist Programme from scratch and introduced the organisation to strength based leadership, which is today a major tool of development in NNIT. She introduced, developed, implemented and followed up on all activities related to strength based leadership and used it to develop 1:1 employees and managers as well as team development and leadership group development. In combination with models such as FLOW and OFMAN, she managed to get impressive results throughout the company. Her focus on working with strengths has led to more efficient team facilitations and individual development meetings. If you are looking for a woman that focuses on structured work, is quality focused, and who sees no barriers; only opportunities, then Marlene is the right person to connect with."

Ineke Fischer, Director, EVP HR Business Partner at Novo Nordisk A/S


Strengths Philosophy or Strengths Professional

"I have had the pleasure to work with Marlene and experience her high drive and passion especially for development activities based on the strength philosophy. I have enjoyed Marlenes passion in her work with development activities in the organisation - both individual and team development. I consider Marlene to be a strong developer of people and a very committed and skilled strength professional."

Lene Nilsson, Partner at Brinch & Partners


Inspiring & Strength Based Development

"I have worked as a consultant and trainer with Marlene at a leadership development course I did in coorperation with NNIT. I found it very inspiring to work with Marlene. We worked with coaching, Strength-based development profiles, assessment and other leadership development tools. Marlene is energetic, constructive and innovative. She is appreciative and at the same time asks relevant and challenging questions. She is well-founded in leadership theories and tools. She has strong knowledge and competencies in the area of strength-based development. I can strongly recommend Marlene as a business partner, coach, trainer and consultant in leadership development and strength-based tools."

Mikkel Eising, Partner at Resonans


Leadership Development

"Marlene took our senior leadership team through a strong self awareness and development process. Using a strength focused approach, Marlene facilitated the session well and it's laid the foundations for the year ahead."

Fergus Stoddart, Managing Partner, EdgeCommunications


Strengths Scope Accreditation

"I was lucky enough to work with Marlene in the field of strength based leadership in Australia, as we conducted an Accreditation for a number of new Practitioners. Marlene was so valuable to the process, and she was able to share her experiences of strength based leadership being implemented into an organisation. Her depth of knowledge and experience was fantastic and she was able to share that in a pragmatic and practical way. I hope to find ways of working together into the future."

Kerry Rosser, Managing Partner Real World Results