Why Strength focus?

The strength approach can help you discover the best version of yourself, help you define your key strengths, but also when they go in overdrive, define your leadership style, guided by your personal values and thus bring the best of you to the table.  

Evidence for Strengths-based Approach

Research shows that people who understand and apply their strengths significantly outperform those who mainly focus on fixing weaknesses.

Optimizing strengths increase engagement by up top 73% (Rath & Concie, 2008)

Employee performance is on average 36% higher

(Corporate Leadership Council, 2005)

Customer Retention is 44% higher 

(Harter et al, 2002)

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Your Natural Strengths

Marlene Gudman helps people focus on their natural strengths so they become more successful, effective and fulfilled in their lives by simply being their best. “People are often aware of their gaps, but not their natural strengths, that’s a shame”.